Brews in the News 5.26.17

Ukraine's Pravda Brewery is making a political splash with an awkwardly named beer: "Trump. President of the Divided States of America." The beer is a 7.2% ABV Imperial Mexican Lager with lime. The label features a wall, Trump, Putin wearing a MAGA hat, and a man holding a sign that says "Free Melania."

"For me, every bottle presents an opportunity to send a small message," Pravda co-owner Yuriy Zastavniy said. "Our sarcastic view of the global march of populism is reflected in the name and the label design."

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Texas House Bill 3287 has passed the Texas Senate 19-10 and now moves to Governor Abbot's desk to be signed.

In short, if you make 225,000+ barrels of beer, either directly or via a combination of your production and those of other breweries you're affiliated with through investors, you cannot have a taproom unless you pay the distributors even though they're not lifting a finger. The bill also restricts self-distributing breweries to 40,000 barrels per year.

It's worth noting that Governor Abbot gets a lot of money from distributors.

Texas Brewers Fear Layoffs, Closures Following Senate Vote to Curtail Taproom Sales

Per the article above, Texas brewers such as Deep Ellum's Jeff Reardon fear that they'll have to either pass the increase cost onto consumers or lay people off: "I’m not an economist, but one would have to assume that increased costs and a cap on growth would absolutely lead to increased prices and layoffs, possibly even closures. The middle tier gets pure profit with no need to hire additional people or invest in their business.” 

Thanks to reader and listener Nikki B. for this one.

Half-Naked Man Crashes Car Into Store to Get Beer


45-year old Robert Mason went Blues Brothers and crashed his Dodge Challenger into an Ohio convenience store to get beer. The crash caused the store clerk to be trapped under debris, but luckily no one died. 

Thanks to Nikki B. for this story.

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Castanea Partners Purchases Majority Stake in The Bruery

In an effort to compete and expand, The Bruery has sold a majority stake to Boston's Castanea Partners. “We chose to make Castanea a part of Famille Rue because of their talents and their appreciation and understanding of our vision, and because they want to contribute to our continuous improvement,” company CEO Patrick Rue said.

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Quick Hits

- Michigan's beer industry is now worth $10.5 billion, up from $6.64 billion in 2015
- West Ireland's White Hag Brewing is starting an international beer festival
- The maker of Bud Light is investing $2 billion to make its beer ‘more sophisticated’

Brews in the News 5.19.17

"Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life. - George Bernard Shaw"

Why You Should Beer it Forward in Honor of American Craft Beer Week

Julia Herz writes on why you should buy someone a craft beer this week:

"Every time you do, you recognize that craft beer is grassroots, it’s people-powered, it’s hard-working small business owners that have a passion for what they do and continually push the limit in beer. So let’s grab a beer. Person to person, one friend to another, neighbor to neighbor, or even stranger to stranger."

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While visiting Oakland to defend her plans to open a satellite location in North Oakland, the host of Beerland and owner of Los Angeles' Golden Road Brewing said her AB acquisition was "fake news":  "In fact, she suggested more than once that Golden Road wasn’t really even associated with Anheuser-Busch, even telling a group of residents on Wednesday that “non-factual opinion columns” are trying to paint Golden Road as part of Anheuser-Busch, and that such reports are — her words — 'fake news.'"

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New Belgium Brewmaster Heading to the Farm System

Peter Bouckaert, the 21-year veteran brewmaster at New Belgium, is leaving for greener pastures, literally: he's headed to Purpose Brewing and Cellars (also out of Fort Collins, CO), which is described as "an aspiring farm brewery" that will produce coffee and beer.

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The Philippines' First Female-Led Brewery Opens

After living in San Diego and loving the craft beer scene, Philippines native Ayah Javier decided to move home to open the first female-led brewery in Puerto Princesa, Palawan: Palaweño Brewery. They strive to feature local ingredients such as chilis from their backyards, coconutes, mangoes and honey.

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Quick Hits

Facebook Live with Goose Island!

Big news for us here at Brew Bloods: as part of Goose Island's Migration Week 2017, we're hosting a Facebook Live event and we want you to take part!

We'll be talking with Goose Island brewer Paul Darnby and National Brand Manager Jesse Valenciana. 

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The live stream will start somewhere around 11:30 AM Central Time, originating from Goose Island's Facebook page, so keep your eyes out.