East Coast IPAs

Most of you reading this probably know what an IPA is, but if you don’t go back to episode 19 and if you want to know what a West Coast IPA is, you can go back to episode 7. But, what exactly is an East Coast IPA?

It’s a controversial subject, where some believe there is no such difference between the IPAs of the coasts, while others believe there is a firm difference. Naturally, an East Coast brewery could turn out a West Coast IPA, and vice versa.

But in short, West Coast IPAs tend to make liberal use of the hops of the Pacific Northwest, they'll be hop forward, and have that resiny, citrusy flavor.

East Coast IPAs, however, are kissing cousins to the English IPA. They’ll often make use of English hops and specialty malts that make their IPAs less bitter, more malty, and more woodsy and spicy, and they’ll turn out a darker color than the typical West Coast IPA. You might also consider them more of an every day IPA because they’re not going to wreck your palate.

Examples of East Coast IPAs include the Dogfish 60, 90 and 120 Minute IPA, Bells Two-Hearted Ale, Victory Hop Devil and Harpoon IPA.