Brews in the News 6.2.2017

The organizers of the world's biggest metal festival are constructing a pipeline underneath Wacken, Germany to pump beer quickly and keep trucks from tearing up the land, leaving it to be farmed throughout the year.

The 4.34 mile pipeline can pump 1 beer per second and will push 845,350 pints of beer to the metalheads.

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From CIA analyst to beer historian: the heady resume of Theresa McCulla

Former CIA analyst Theresa McCulla has started her job as the brewing historian for the Smithsonian Museum. McCulla grew up with Wiconsin beer culture, as her family was always fermenting beer in the family's shower and everyone in the family was conscripted into bottling. 

After working for the CIA, she wanted to change careers into food and received a doctorate from Harvard, specializing in New Orleans culinary traditions. About her job, she says beer, "allows (us) to ask questions about immigration, labor, consumer taste, advertising... You can look at any era of history and use beer as an engaging lens to look into it."

McCulla is currently touring the United States and drinking beer as part of her job.

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US beer giant Budweiser launches investigation after footage is revealed of a fake beer factory in China

Budweiser is launching an investigation into a supposed fake beer factory in China where workers are using their bare hands to scoop beer into fake Budweiser cans, and they're then sealed and boxed up for sale. Bud has warned their Chinese drinkers to authenticate their beer before drinking.

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Quick Hits

- Mississippi's Yalobusha Brewing is converting from a brewery to a brewpub
- Czech pubs are going smoke-free
- Wisconsin's Point Brewery is celebrating 160 years with an anniversary ale
- Austin's Uncle Billy's Brewing is expanding production to become a full brewery
- Mosquitoes are more attracted to beer drinkers