Brews in the News 6.16.2017

Mexican Beer Label Mocks Trump as a Swastika-Belted Mariachi

In a cross-border collaboration, Epic Brewing, Cru Cru and Error de Diciembre have teamed up to release "Amigous," a beer that makes fun of U.S. president Donald Trump by misspelling the Spanish word "amigo" as well as depicting him wearing a mariachi uniform with a swastika-emblazoned belt. The back of the can also says that Trump belongs, "in a mad house, not the White House."

The collaboration came together before the election when Trump made the statement that Mexico was sending rapists and drug runners across the border.

"Amigous" is a New England IPA made with mango.

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Can You Drink Beer If It was Near an Atom Bomb Explosion?

Finally an answer has been found for the age old question: "Can I safely drink a beer if it's been near an atomic bomb explosion?"

NPR has uncovered a 1957 U.S. government study called "The Effect of Nuclear Explosions on Commercially Packaged Beverages." The study sought to answer the question: if a beer is near an atomic bomb explosion, can I still drink it?

The fancy science men conducting the study exploded two bombs of different strength, placing beer bottles and cans at varying distances from ground zero, starting at 1,056 feet and moving further away.

The result? The study concluded, "These beverages could be used as potable water sources for immediate emergency purposes as soon as the storage area is safe to enter after a nuclear explosion." They also found that the nearer to ground zero, the more the taste was altered but they were not undrinkable.

So when a real life version of The Day After happens, go ahead and crack a cold one  

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South Australian Hotels Forcing a $20 Deposit for Beer Steins

Hotel proprietors in the German settlement of Hahndorf in South Australia have started charging customers a $20 AU deposit for beer glasses so that they don't steal the glasses. Apparently customers were routinely stealing the imported German steins, "accidentally" taking them with them. "You would see a group of 30 come in and when they left 30 steins would be missing, a former employee said.

A glass of lager will cost you $29.90 AU plus a $20 deposit.

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Goose Island Announces 2017 Bourbon County Variants

Goose Island is releasing seven variants for 2017's run of BCBS: the standard issue, coffee, barleywine, Proprietor's, Reserve Brand Barleywine, and Reserve Stout.

For the Reserve Brand Barleywine, Goose is re-using the 35 year old Heaven's Hill barrels that they used in 2015 and aged the beer for 20 months. Proprietor's is always Chicago only and will be based on a Bananas Foster recipe. The Reserve Stout celebrates 1000+ batches of beer for Goose Island Clybourn and is aged for 11 months in Knob Creek barrels.

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