Quick Links for Experienced Listeners

How to Listen and Subscribe for Free!

To listen to the show, you can always listen via our web player on the post for each episode. However, there's an even better way: subscribe! 

If you subscribe to our show (free), you'll get each episode delivered each week automatically.

To start, you'll need a podcast player.

Podcast Apps for iPhone

- Apple's iOS Podcast Player
Pocket Casts

Podcast Apps for Android

- Google Play
- Pocket Casts
- Player FM
- Doggcatcher

Other Ways to Listen

- Stitcher
- Tune In

Most apps will have search capability, and you can search for us there. If you can't find us, or want to go directly to the source, you can use one of these links.

For Apple's Native Podcast App

If you're using the native Apple podcast app, you can click here to go straight to iTunes and it will allow you to subscribe.

For all other Podcast Apps

If you can't find us in your favorite podcast app's search directory, all podcast apps will allow you to enter in a "Feed" or "RSS" URL that will allow you to subscribe to the show. Just enter in this link: 


For example, in Downcast, hit the Add button and then select Add Podcast Manually, and enter the Feed URL. No Username or Password is required.